Saturday, November 22, 2008

Earn $10,235.49 Per Month by Socialize on YUWIE

Stop the boring life! Now you can be having fun and get money

Just looking for, invite your friends, and hang out together, then YOU will be paid using DOLLAR by Yuwie. register for FREE!

My friend said, “There is a new kind of friendster, It is free to join but our activity will be paid until $10,235.49 even more per month. Then I replied that I haven't believed it.

But because it is free and has no risk, I tried to join, if it is not true, I would leave it. After 3 weeks I did some activity in Yuwie, on 15 November I saw in my earning report and I got $ 0.1. It's too little. How will it be $ 10,235.49?

But there was someone which got $ 26.48 after joining Yuwie in 2 months, even $144 in the third month. Then I'm starting to be optimist.

Believe it or not, optimist or pessimist, up to you.

Below is the screenshot of website which is operated in America.

And it is the screenshot of one of Yuwie member's payment.

What, Why, and How much Yuwie pays us?

Yuwie is the first social networking (like friendster) in the world who pays its members.

You will be paid if:
- someone visit your profile page
- someone visit your blog
- someone view all of your comments
- someone see your picture and your video
- someone see your layout page
- you active in control panel (member area)

How can Yuwie pay us?

The logic is easy. When you open a page in Yuwie, It must be there some advertisement on that page.
The simply is like this:
Some corporation put advertisement in Yuwie, the corporation pay Yuwie, and then Yuwie pay us.
It can.

How much Yuwie pay us?

All of page which is opened (per impression or view), will be counted as 1 (one) and will be accumulated with other clicks. Then it will be timed with RSR (a ratio for gross salary) and percentage on each level. Simply,
earnings = RSR x percentage x impressions/1000
Here the percentage for each level:
Level Percentage
You ...10%
1 ........10%
2 ........10%
3 .........4%
4 .........4%
5 .........4%
6 .........4%
7 .........4%
8 .......10%
9 .......10%
10 .....30%

Like the example below, if you invite 3 friends and your friends invite their 3 friends again until 10 levels deep, and every referral opens 1000 pages per month. (RSR = $ 0.5)

You may be think that the commision is too little. Yes, but imagine if next year Yuwie will have many members as many as Friendster has now, then on that time You will be very very rich :). Look at the earning report of one of Yuwie member below. It produced $26.48 on the second month.

Maybe now you ask "how to produce million of views so that I get much bonus?". Like in Friendster, invite your friends to join, then each your friend's activity that they produce will be accumulated with the total of your views, so your will have more total views. :)

Million of view is a rational because the friend you were invited mus be has friends and if he/she invites them then your friend's friends total views will also be accumulated on your total views, more and more until 10 levels deep. Then on that time, you may get $10,235.49 per month.

Find new friends and enjoy on Yuwie. Hang out with old friends and get the dollar :).

WARNING! Which will you choose? Made as slave by Friendster or move to YUWIE? In Yuwie, not only friends, but also dollar will be get on one activity place.

If you choose YUWIE, SIGN UP soon. Click on "JOIN NOW" below!

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