Sunday, September 28, 2008

Making Alert in Friendster

Fan of Friendster know that Friendster is a big social community in internet. But some of them do not know that it has some weaknesses on its security. One of them is at someone’s profile. At the profile, there are four places where HTML can be active. They are at shootout, about me, whom I want to meet, and testimonials/comments. Some people often cracks someone’s profile through the testimonials

This is the concept. Write the HTML/JavaScript on the post comment box. But change the more than symbol (>) and less than symbol (<) with "& l t ;" and "& g t ;" (without space) .Remember that do not give any enter because Friendster will read it as . But I tell you about it not to make you become a cracker. I want you to use it just for positive purposes, so that your Friendster profile becomes better than before.

Use "alert" to make welcome message
Open your edit profile. Then in the "about me" box, write the JavaScript in the end of it. Here is the example:
<script language="javascript"> alert(‘Welcome to my Friendster profile’); </script>
Once again, change the symbols > and <, also do not give any enter to the script.
What is the effect? The effect is when you open the profile which has been given the script, an alert "Welcome to my Friendster profile" will appear immediately. Click the image below to get bigger and clearer screen shot!

You can beautify your Friendster profile by using other tags, and it depends on your HTML or JavaScript knowledge. Then, remember that cracking someone’s site is a crime. Do not ever do this!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Algorithm in Programming Concept

When we learn about programming concept, we will often find word "algorithm". What is "algorithm"? Algorithm is sequenced logic steps which explain some tasks to do something or solve some problems. If we can make algorithm easily, we will be able to make program in programming language easily to. Because we just need to translate the algorithm to be written in program maker, for example Turbo Pascal.

Writing Algorithm
We can write algorithm using three ways:
  1. Write the algorithm in natural language (English, Melayu, or other human language), but this way is ambiguous generally
  2. Using flowchart. Flowchart is diagram that show us the logic sequence of a problem solving procedure. This is good visually, but difficult to make if the algorithm too long.
  3. Using pseudo-code. Pseudo-code is a way to write algorithm using the style of certain programming language, so this way is nearer to programming language. But its negative side is difficult to be understood by people that do not know about programming.

Main Aspect of Algorithm
Algorithm has some aspects that must be had:
  1. Finiteness, algorithm must be stopped after a finite number of steps.
  2. Definiteness, each step must be defined correctly and may not be confusing (ambiguous).
  3. Input, an algorithm has no or more than one input that is given to the algorithm before it is run.
  4. Output, an algorithm has one or more output, which is depended on the input.
  5. Effectiveness, every algorithm should be effective

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Types of Programming Language

In Computer, there are some software which help us to do some works. Some of them can be used for making program. This type of software usually called Programming Language. The examples of the applications are Assembler, Visual Basic, Pascal, Java, PHP, C, C++ etc. By using those software, we can make a cashier program like in supermarket, other software, even some viruses, that disturbing and can make the victims get frustrated.

I will not tell you how to make the programs now, but I will tell you what programming language is, and the types of programming language. Programming language is a way or procedure which is used for writing or arranging a program. Programming is a process to implement the algorithm by arranging computation program using programming language.

There are four types of programming language:

Low Level Language
The data is processed quickly, because the content of the data consist of 0 and 1. But we will fell difficult to make the program because of that too.
Example: Assembler.
Interaction in low level language:

Middle Level Language
This type is the medium one. Not too quick to run the program, and not too hard to make it. There like low level language types, but there like high level language types too.
Example: C, C++.

High Level Language
We can easily make a program by using this type, because it uses human language (using English generally). But the process of the data is not quick enough because the commands have to be translated to machine language (the data is changed to be 0 and 1).
Example: Pascal, Visual Basic, Delphi.
Interaction in high level language:

Object Oriented Language
This type of programming language is focused on an object, where this object is can be used and opened in the other programming language.
Example: Java, PHP.